Rebecca Hoffman has been involved in the dog world of the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly a decade. Her first dog was a Rat Terrier cross, named Oreo, that she raised from puppyhood to 14 years, starting when she was 15 years old. Rebecca demonstrated early on in her career a specialty for canine body language through her hearing disability. While many would consider a hearing impairment to be a set back to overcome, it proved to be a huge asset for Rebecca, in helping manage doggie playgroups and while working with otherwise difficult dogs. The absence of sound allowed for full concentration on the subtleties in each dog’s personal conversation styles.
                    This skill forged a new bond and style of relationship with her dog Oreo. A relationship that brought her to where she is today. Rebecca has spent the last several years building her skill set, expanding her knowledge, and working with a variety of dogs. She has worked hard to be a part of the entire canine world from working dogs, to dog sports, and pet ownership. Each dog is different and has their own needs, but so does every human! Rebecca’s goal continues to be to find the best avenues for human and canine relationships and to bring out the best in each other!